As The World Players Academy enters its final Programme the Directors reflect upon a very successful first season. Enrollments have exceeded expectation. Before the season start last September it was thought that the Academy would have five or six clients per four week module. This has been comfortably surpassed, in fact for the penultimate Programme (Feb 9 – Mar 8) the Academy has attracted fourteen clients. Within that there is a 50/50 split of aspiring young professionals and category one amateurs.

Success of course is not just measured in terms of enrollments, but success in tournament golf of those that have enrolled. The World Players Academy is unique, in that it is the only Academy to be affiliated to a recognised professional golf tour, The Gecko Tour in this instance. In recent programmes, The World Players Academy has seen their clients/students increasingly more often on the leaderboards of The Gecko Tour and to the delight of the Ken Lingwood, Academy Director and Nick Lane, Head Coach, they have just had their first winner of a Gecko Pro Tour event.

Since the start of September last year, The World Players Academy based at The Leadbetter Golf Academy facility at La Cala Golf Resort, has been providing it’s unique brand of tournament golf coaching. They focus not only upon swing tuition, but a more holistic view of tournament golf, with an emphasis upon saving shots in tournament conditions. The Academy employ the games finest external specialists to supplement the permanent coaching staff. Whatever they are doing it must be working as 80% – 90% of their clients rebook or extend their stay.

As the Academy season comes to an end the Directors thoughts turn to improving still further their offering for the 2013/4 season, which will begin in September. Indeed, many of this year’s intake have already said that they intend to return, so as to continue their climb up the pyramid of European golf. One day -just maybe – they’ll find a European Tour winner, why not!