Professional Club Fitting, Marbella, Costa Del Sol, Andalucia

Once of the simplest ways golfers can improve their games is through proper club fitting, which is often overlooked because of the emphasis golf equipment companies place on trying to help golfers hit the ball further. Adding distance is great, but it doesn’t always come with an improvement in shot consistency. Sometimes, it actually have the opposite effect, whereas a proper fitting almost always improves shot consistency and often leads to more distance as well.

When players speak about shot consistency, exactly what are they talking about? A higher percentage of on-center hits? Sure, that’s an improvement in shot consistency. But so too, and perhaps even more important, are elements of consistency such as a reduction in how far a slice or hook curves off line, or a reduction in the number of poor shots.

Perhaps the best way to express what an improvement in shot consistency means is to help the golfer “miss the ball” better. If you have played the game a while, you are well aware of the types of shots that are classified as a “good misses”. No one hits all the shots well. In fact the best golfers can be said to be those who “miss their shots the best”. Bogey is sometimes your friend.

Golf is not a game of Perfect so we make sure our players are fitted with that in mind.

All our players are measured for;

  • Optimum Posture which dictates club fitting
  • Height & Knuckles to Floor measurement
  • Hand & Palm size which dictates Grip & shaft size
  • Ball Spin
  • Launch Angle
  • Wind Gap- Which is the distance the player hits a club both against and then with the wind
  • Smash Factor – which is the ratio between Swing Speed & Ball speed
  • Spin Loft
  • Grip Strength test with a Dynamometer which influences swing weight ,Club Weight & Shaft Deadweight 
  • Measurements are taken on Course on Grass  not a mat 



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