Mixed Martial Arts Training for Golf (MMA)

The power which many of the players now possess on Tour, needs to be combined with balance and rhythm. Therefore we are now combining one of the oldest sports in the world with the fastest growing sport of today. Our specialist, Lee Dawson, will help to strengthen your core stability by engaging your hips and major muscle groups.

Lee Dawson is currently one of the world’s leading personal trainers with an impressive 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry, specialising in martial arts. Lee has trained people of all ages and fitness levels. His reputation is unparalleled; with a client list ranging from company executives to numerous Hollywood stars as well as an Arabian Princess.

He will be training the players to take their performance to the highest level, by teaching core striking and breathing techniques used by the world’s top Ultimate Fighting Champions.

Our very own Head Coach, Nick Lane, also has a rich history in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighting and is the perfect man to help you apply this training to your golf. Having trained and even spared with some of the greatest ultimate fighting champions of all time, such as Pat Milichet and Tim Silvia, Nick understands how important this training can be for young aspiring golf professionals. Developing mental toughness in golfers is one of our key objectives, train hard enough to make competition easy.

“Kinetic linkage of rhythm, timing and leverage to magnify striking power”, Earl Woods (Tiger wood’s father and early coach)

Nearly every professional golfer takes part in physical training, however a number of players are now taking to this fresh new fitness approach, mainly because it fits so well with the core physical skills needed by golfers. Phil Mickelson, who was a former student of Jackie Burke Jr., is one player who benefited from some of these skills. Mickelson rejuvenated his career when he started his new martial arts fitness regime in 2005. Burke, who taught Judo and Tae Kwon Do, implemented key principles into Mickelson’s training.

“Rory’s never lacked confidence, but there’s a lot of scientific evidence that links being strong and physically fit with self-confidence and psychological well being. Those are great things to have on the course” Steve Mcgregor (Rory McIlroy’s trainer)

  • Discipline

  • Confidence

  • Timing and linkage of major muscle groups

  • Core strength

  • Fitness

  • Self-defence

  • Fun