Pablo was born in Malaga, Spain the 23rd of January of 1983.

During his childhood he practiced several sports such as:

  • Basketball (Competitively)
  • Beach Volley (competitively)
  • Tennis (competitively)
  • Football (Competitively)
  • Athletics (competitively)
  • Swimming
  • Surf
  • Snowboard


He also practiced martial arts during the past 14 years:

First doing some boxing, and later on he started to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2004.
Currently he is a black belt under 10 times world champion Roger Gracie.
He studied most of his brazilian jiu jitsu in London at his main Academy.
He also became manager of the Roger Gracie Academy affiliates around Europe.
European Champion – 2 times Spanish Champion and Bronce medal at World Cup in Brazil 2006.

He also trained  Muay Thai, Wrestling, Judo, and MMA. On top of this, he also trained and coached some of the MMA top athletes in Spain.

After a period of training in the US, he came back to Málaga, where he owns the Costa de Sol Fight & Fitness gym. (Currently one of the best Sport Centers for Martial Arts and CrossFit in Spain with top level instructors where they just welcomed an ex UFC Fighter Luke Barnett, and other black belts).

He has been training in Natural Ginastica for the last 8 years and has been the first and only Level 3 certified instructor.