The Only Chartered psychologist on the European Tour

We love pressure and competition, it is what makes this great game even better. We want to give that passion to our players and help them to enjoy pressure rather than fear it!
Everyone knows that you often play better when you are confident and in the right frame of mind. Dr John will give you a better understanding about why this is and will train you to take control of the mental side of your game. This will lead to less frustration, more enjoyment and will allow you to play better golf, more consistently.

“The best fighter is never angry” Lao Tzu, philosopher

His practical training is based on recent discoveries in neuroscience and a vast research base which will help players in a number of areas related to golf, such as;

Emotional control and ability to bounce back quickly
Anxiety and frustration on the course
Building confidence in your game
Concentration as you strike the ball
Tournament mental preparation
Slump prevention
Motivation and improved goal setting skills
Managing the golf / life balance
Involuntary movements during a swing
Communication and getting the most out of your support team
Many players see sport psychology as a last resort and a fix to help them resolve issues which stand outside technical ability. But if we develop mental skills and prepare ourselves to play and train for golf, then it is likely that we will learn faster, understand how to deal with pressure situations and perform more consistently.