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Boosted by our new partnership with Game Golf, The Players’ Academy Course Management System will provide players with high confidence & the requisite skills to play golf at a competitive level.


Golf is most probably the least effectively taught sport today with its primary focus  on swing mechanics on a driving range that sadly doesn’t impart the diverse skills necessary to navigate a golf course successfully.  Despite the large sums that are spent on lessons, most players are left to their own devices to figure out how to play and score.

In partnership with Game Golf, which tracks & records statistics in tournament play in real time, our coaches will in future be provided with a battery of critical data on each individual player to enable them to build a specifically focussed & personalized training programme.

The combination of Game Golf together with our recognised key strengths in the areas of Course Management and TPI Fitness

This approach we have termed The Players Academy Course Management System  “Players Insights”

AS used by Some of The Worlds Top Players



From just 24,99€ a MONTH   You will receive

  • 12 Months Feedback and Insights on your game
  • TPI Physical Screening with Exercises & Regeneration techniques
  • Up to 2 swing Analysis’ a month
  • A short game analysis
  • The Game Golf Live Unit for just €179 RRP  €199 for a limited Time Only


Player Benefits using The Players Academy Course Management System “Players Insights” 

  • Highlights gaps through the bag
  • Improve total driving including optimal angles
  • Improve approaches
  • Avoid short siding youself
  • Scoring Club Percentage Error Index
  • Distances against the wind
  • Spin control
  • Down wind control
  • Fighting cross winds
  • Improve and reduce your wind gap
  • Out-of-Position doubles trebles & quadruple bogies
  • Dealing with grain
  • Slope control
  • Bad weather stats
  • Weaknesses & Strengths amongst peer group and players above your level
  • Club Fitting issues
  • Identifying common trends & solutions

Note- Year 1 is paid in advance  and comes with the Game Golf LIVE Unit  Includes P&P