ZEPP GOLF 2.0 Portable Swing Sensors

//ZEPP GOLF 2.0 Portable Swing Sensors

ZEPP GOLF 2.0 Portable Swing Sensors


ZEPP your Game

USED By Keegan Bradley , Michelle Wie plus many other Professionals



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ZEPP GOLF 2.0 is designed to help you improve your game. Get instant feedback and measure the most critical aspects your swing, like club-head speed, club plane, tempo, and more. And now, compare your swing directly to PGA Tour pros in both 3D and video. The sensor attaches to any golf glove, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Zepp Golf 2 has been ‘permitted under the rules of golf’ set by The United States Golf Association (USGA). This will allow golfers to use Zepp on the course during regulation play and review their results following each round.

  • Instantly replay & analyze your swing in 3D
  • NEW Golf Course Mode – Compare your swings from range to course
  • Watch PGA Tour Pro swings from multiple angles
  • Capture your swings in HD video
  • Track club speed, club/hand plane, tempo, backswing, hip rotation & more
  • Compare your swings side-by-side to the pros
  • Learn from Pro swing analysis, training tips, & drill videos
  • FREE app for iOS and Android